Viewing an Office 365 user’s Files as Admin

I have been asked if a global administrator of Office 365 can “see my onedrive files” or has the ability to see a user’s files on one drive.

The straight answer of course is yes, and here is how:

  1. Log in as the global administrator to your tenant and proceed to administer SHAREPOINT
  2. Bring up the administration module for the User profiles then click “Manage User Profiles”

    This should bring you to… the Manage user profiles page.

  1. Locate the particular user you wish to look into, then on the dropdown options, select Manage Site Collection Owners. You can find the dropdown list by hovering your mouse pointer on the user’s name.

  2. Here we see that I (admin) am not part of the administrators of this particular user’s site collections

  3. So I add myself and click OK

  4. Then I click “Manage Personal Site” on this user from the same dropdown list

  5. Which brings me to this user’s personal sites, where I can click the “Documents” link on the left side of the page

  6. And now I see this user’s onedrive.


Only disadvantage I see here is I need to do this on each user one at a time. J



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