Setting up the Azure Search Service on your account


Since the announcement of the public availiability of the Azure Search API a lot of folks have sent me questions on how to enable it or where to find it in the Azure Management Portal so here goes..

So first, of course you would need to have an azure subscription. There are tons of blogs out there to do that so I won’t mention it here anymore.

Then, you will need to log on to your subscription, on the new portal.

And like I always metion during my tlaks, when one needs to ask an IT person how to “add” something.. the answer will be “look for the Plus (+) sign; then click it” 😉

Remember to do this with a decent internet connection.. or else..

Which is cute.. but not even remotely helpful.

On my subscription, the SEARCH api is readily available (as I have used it before), but you might have to dig a bit deeper..

After clicking, it should start spinning up..

And after waiting a bit…

Give it a name.. it will check if the name is OK. Then choose your pricing tier

Of course I chose the free one. J

Then you click on Resource Group to either create a new one, or choose an existing group.

I will create a new one.

If you have more than one Azure Subscription, you can choose which one to use:

Lastly, you will need to choose a location:

I chose a location really near me:

All is set to create!

After clicking Create, your service should be ready in a few minutes.


After it is done.. your menu should look like:

Now you have a Search Service! Next blog will be on how to use this J


BUT.. I will leave you with a research item..


So apparently, even with the service stopped, billing will continue.. J

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