Asynchronous Grill

So the question remains.. “how many MVPs does it take to start a barbeque?” 😀

For those not in the know, Microsoft MVPs are select people who are nominated by peers and have shown strong community influence and are recognized as Industry Experts. These people; as some may claim, are the cream of the crop, in their respective fields.

BUT, in the case of the Philippines, we MVPs also have connections outside of the world of technology. And as it goes, we all sometimes like to go “unplugged” once every so often. To detach ourselves from technology J. A few years back, we went birding; then some went to the beach.. this year, a lot of us decided to spend some time on the beach again, which is good.

April 26th came and several of the Philippine MVPs went to a beach…

Allan, Jojo, Jon, Glen, Eufer, Erwin, Mike, John, Jay R and I went to Paniman Resort in Cavite with a few items to do:

  • Cook
  • Eat
  • Talk
  • Eat
  • Talk some more
  • Eat some more

If you took the time to view our profiles, you would see that among us, there is enough skills to author and deploy an enterprise IT solution. But that was not the topic that day, what we wanted was to go offline for a bit and enjoy mother nature.

So, upon arrival we quickly set up to grill the food..

Pork chops and chicken on one grill..

And oysters on another.

Man, you can take the geek out of tech but you can’t take the tech out of the geek..

There were really no big problems this time; (except for the poor internet signal). The challenge of starting a fire was not that big. Although we did contemplate at one point which would make the best grilling material between an iPhone and and Android device. LOL

Here’s Jon taking care of lunch..

Eufer set up his own grill and cooked some oysters.

So basically, the grill was on dual processors with async properties.. and while they were grilling, the hungry mouths laid in wait.

Waiting for this to get cooked..

Glenn brought a huge slab of beef!!! Yummy!

Of course we would take turns fanning the grill while others cheated by “stealing” some of the beef..

One of the personal highlights for me was doing some fishing..

It was quite productive.. caught some little buggers J

Some walking along the beach..

But the most fun was, talking about the other MVPs who were not there LOL!

All in all.. it was a great way to spend a Saturday J

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2 Responses to Asynchronous Grill

  1. Jojo Ayson says:

    This was actually proof that none of us possessed the core competencies for the experience.

  2. ezlorenzo says:

    So next time.. we outsource.

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