Setting up Source Control between AzureWebsite and Team Foundation Service


With “Monaco” in preview.. it enables devs to code on the cloud. It only makes sense for the code to also be in the cloud.

Good thing MS has this Team Foundation Service; which is, to oversimplify, Microsoft’s cloud version of Team Foundation Server.

With both technologies in your hands, again, it only makes sense to be able to edit code that is in the cloud, on the cloud.

So, on your Windows Azure Management Portal, you highlight your selected AzureWebsite that you wish to edit and store on the cloud and view a special entry in the dashboard.

Clicking on that link will open a modal dialog where you can choose what cloud based source control you wish to connect to:

I choose Visual Studio Online as it is the one I have..

Here you enter your TFS(Team Foundation Service) url and hit Authorize Now to enable the connection. There is also an available link to Create a new TFS Account.

And after a successful authorization, you get to choose which TFS account to use.

It just so happens that I have more than one. J


You are now officially linked!


To complete the scenario you will need to have a Team Foundation Server account and a Windows Azure Subscription. J

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