My Attempt at Creating a Sharepoint 2013 environment on Windows Azure – Part 1

In my current line of work, I often encounter the need to provide proofs of concept to clients. I need to setup and environment that they can play with so I can help them decide what technology path to take.

One of these is on Sharepoint. So I got to thinking, with VMs available on Windows Azure and support for Sharepoint 2013 already available, wouldn’t it be nice if I can set up a dummy sharepoint environment there and then just forward the URLs to the client so they can start playing with it? And wouldn’t it be great if I could script out this creation so everytime I will need one, I’ll “just” run the script?

So off I go on creating it; a Sharepoint environment on the cloud (Windows Azure)

Right off the bat, one will realize to need the following:

  1. Windows Azure Subscription
  2. Windows Azure Active Directory
  3. Windows Azure Virtual Network
  4. Sharepoint 2013 on an Azure VM
  5. SQL Server on an Azure VM
  6. Some other SDKs or PowerShell scripting add-ons ß optional up to this point as I will need to get this running first before automating it.

So, off I go..

I already have a Subscription, so step 1 is done.

Oh, the items I listed above are not really steps, but requirements. I think it makes more sense to make an Active Directory first. So when I add Sharepoint, I will already have that. And to have an AD running, I will need a DNS and a Virtual network. It won’t make sense to have AD if you don’t have a network, I guess.

Create the DNS

And then…

Create the network (Virtual, that is) using the DNS I made earlier


Then comes the AD part. Configuring this in a VM.

Here I can create a new VM already loaded with the OS using the gallery J

Fill in the details, pointing this machine to the virtual network I have just created

After the VM has been created, double check your internal IP


Now, we need to add sharepoint to it right? So I will need to give this machine a hard drive..



10 Gig should do well

Since this is a new Disk, it makes sense to format it. So I RDP into it and format the “data disk” that I just attached.

I will also need to partition this. At first I was almost lost as to how to find Disk Management in server 2012. So what I did was from the search charm, I typed in “disk manage” and clicked “Settings”. That will show disk management

So I’ll partition, format and assign a volume to that 10G disk I just added

Next will be the AD

Now I need to configure DS

And make this a Domain Controller

So I go with the Promote this server to a domain controller

Then.. I’ll need to add the users for the Sharepoint Install


Now.. I will need to configure a database.

Not really sure if Sharepoint can work with a SQL Azure database, so I’ll take the path of creating another VM to host the SQL DB.

Then post that as Part 2. 😀









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