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Making a Carousel Number Picker for Windows 8 Store Application

Alright, content will be basically the same with a previous blog, but with screenshots this time J So you want to create a nifty and rockin control for a Windows 8 Store application to choose a number. There are a … Continue reading

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TFSPreview Connection Problem

If you fall into the situation where TFSPreview tells you you don’t have the proper credentials to connect, but you can connect using IE, the quick solution is to clear the browsing history of IE including saved passwords. 🙂

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How to make a Carousel control for Windows 8 using C#

The first time I saw this control I was amazed. Really slick UX, I told myself. So I set out to use it. But.. can’t find it in the toolbox of VS2012.. such sadness and grief. So I go and … Continue reading

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