Creating and Opening a Windows Azure Website

Microsoft announced the addition of the capability to create new websites straight off the Windows Azure portal. This is a great development but was not able to try it out immediately.

So, late as it is, here goes my attempt.

Logging on to the new portal, you will notice the “New” link..

Just hit that, and

I go the way of creating a new website based on a template.

There are several templates on line, I choose Orchard as it is close to my heart J


It asks me for a name, fair enough


Then I finish it.

It takes several minutes to deploy. But once you have it started, you have an Orchard CMS up and running on the cloud!


Now all is well and good, I try it out by clicking the url (or clicking the “Browse” button at the lower part of the page).. so that brings me to my brand spanking new Orchard powered CMS.

Configuring, editing and using the CMS will be the same is if it was hosted somewhere else. Nothing fancy to learn

Then you will have your 100% running Orchard CMS Website in minutes!

Of course complete with the dashboard

This blog will not include HOW to maintain an Orchard Website, that can be found in Orchard’s own website.

I was asked, what to do if one wants to download an offline copy of the website from windows azure to edit in his/her machine. Well the new Azure supports FTP and GIT, but an easy way is to find the “WebMatrix” button at the bottom of the page and clicking it. That will either download a fresh install of webmatrix (if not yet done) or fire up an instance of WebMatrix, already connected to your existing Orchard app on Azure.

It might take a few minutes depending on your connection speed.

But after that, it will start downloading all the needed files to your machine.

And afterwards, you have a working local copy of your Orchard powered CMS site!

So there it is! Creating an Orchard CMS through the Windows Azure Portal.

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2 Responses to Creating and Opening a Windows Azure Website

  1. flipdoubt says:

    I could only get this to work if I used the SQL Server Compact Edition database. And it would not and could not use BLOB storage unless you recompile 1.5 rather than using the gallery’s 1.4.2.

  2. ezlorenzo says:

    thank you for the comment Dave.

    If you wish to use Blobs and SQL Server for your Orchard setup, you might want to leave webmatrix behind and use Visual Studio.

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