A Series of events that will lead to my next blogs

Just recently, I took and passed 70-583. The MS Cert exam for Windows Azure. It was quite an adventure for me, and here is the story.

I was first scheduled to take the exam on May 30th. Yes, this means I retook it. Preparation was, well, underwhelming.

Apparently, there is no “real” training resource for this exam, save for some links or tutorials on Windows Azure. I reach out to friends like Dan and Arnie, looking for materials and they did point me out to some really useful links.

Unfortunately, on the 25th, my grandmother passed away and hey burial coincided with my exam date so I had no time to review. I requested for the exam to be rescheduled, but the voucher I was using was only valid up to the 31st.

I still went and took the exam.. and I failed. No excuses, I failed.

I wanted to retake the exam as soon as I could, but needed to brush up on the skills that the exam result said I needed improvement on.

Then came June 7th. Scott Guthrie announced to the world, a menagerie of new features and capabilities of Windows Azure. It could only mean one thing.. I had to take the exam as soon as I could.

So yesterday, I went to the prometric center, took and passed 70-583.

There are still areas that I will need to brush up on and as I do, I will blog about it.


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One Response to A Series of events that will lead to my next blogs

  1. jentrinanes says:

    Congrats! buti ka pa.. ako failed 4x already on 3 different exams

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