Windows 8 wishlist ko..

Here are a few things I would like MS to add to Windows 8 J

First of course, I would wish it to be FREE! Although it seems impossible, this would of course be top on my list.

Second, have you noticed the similarities between the Windows Phone and Windows 8? If not, don’t continue reading. The similarities are mostly in the UI part. Windows 8 will look and feel much like the phone. BUT.. I would wish for that similarity, not to stop there. WP7 has a pre-installed Microsoft Office. A mobile version; but Office none the less. Is it impossible to have a pre-installed MS-Office for free with W8?

Third, those who have seen the W8 preview/demo know that it is a hybrid of two versions; the Metro UI and something that looks like a desktop. So this next wish, would be in connection with my second wish. Support for docking. Of some way for me to attach a keyboard and mouse to a W8 device. I think this would be half a wish for Microsoft and half for the hardware manufacturers but still a valid wish, for me. This would also be in line with my fourth wish..

Support for VB6 apps, or legacy apps in general. Of course who would want to be left behind still using apps made for XP, but the reality is, that these apps are there and still in use! I don’t know what these will look like on W8 but I really wish these will be supported.

And my last wish for Windows 8 would be… the Cloud. Windows 8 being made for the tablet, and Windows (the OS) being a strong choice for the business world, a form of integration would be nice. What I envision is people using a tablet while not in the office then saving the work somewhere up there then synching when they get to the office. This would be nice eh? And I don’t mean needing to use my browser to choose and upload a file, then when I get to the office I download the file and work on it. I mean synching! Get it?

Okay, these are my five items.. what are yours?

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One Response to Windows 8 wishlist ko..

  1. markg says:

    For the second wish, Windows RT will come preinstalled with office. For the last wish, We can always make use of Skydrive app inside Win8 right?

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