Deploying an ASP.Net webapp to Azure

Okay, so you’re and ASP.Net developer doing webapps/Webforms. And you are curious about Azure and what you need to learn, and do, to deploy your app to an azure service.

I also went the same path and here is what I got… a short blog on how to move an app to the cloud.

The app I will be using is going to be the easiest app to build.. the default app that VS gives you when you create a new webapp. Why? Baby steps.. let’s get into what to modify in an existing app to make it azure ready in the future. Besides, not all apps are created equal, so in the interest of uniformity and repeatability, I’ll use the default app, so you can do it too.

SO, I start off with the default sight right. By habit, I run my visual studio as admin, and I make a new project that is an ASP.Net web application. *What about MVC? Next blog.

This should give you that default site. We stop ASP.Net development here, as what I would like to focus on is how to add this to your azure subscription.

The next thing we do now, is add a cloud application by rightclicking the solution then adding a new project of type Windows Azure Project from the Cloud template.

Give it any name you want to.

Then it will ask you what kind of role this project will be. Leave it blank, and just click OK since we want to add the existing “app” as the webrole for this project.

Your solution explorer should look something like this:

Right click the Roles folder of the cloud application and choose “Add web project in solution”

Then choose the existing app from the dialog that comes out.

And there you go! This app is now ready for publishing to Azure!

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