Publishing a Visual Studio LightSwitch App to Windows Azure

Well whaddayaknow!!! The two things that I have been playing around with just got married!!! Nah, not really like that. I was just so pleasantly surprised when I found that now.. Visual Studio Lightswitch can Publish to Azure!!!!

So here goes!!!!

Off the top of my head, I think I will need both a hosted storage and a database because VS-LS apps are mostly data driven. Hmmm…. I’ll make one of both.

Then I create a lightswitch app and publish!

Of course you should publish it as a web app

And tell Lightswitch that it is to be deployed to Windows Azure

I supply the subscription ID and create a certificate for it

Upload the certificate I just made to my azure portal

I click next on th Lightswitch Publish wizard and choose appropriate values

Create a new Certificate

Connect to my Database


And publish!

Watch as your management portal is being updated..

Wait for iiiit….

And you now have.. a lightswitch app deployed on azure!

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