How to Move Data to Azure

Here is a short blog on how to move data to Azure. This is just part of a longer blog on how to publish a databound app so bear with me.

  1. Create an azure database. Call it whatever you want.

  2. Create a new server that will house your database. I suggest choosing an area near you geographically. I chose Southeast Asia as that is the nearest to me the last time I checked :p

  3. Fill in credentials for your database Admin. I used “eduadmin” as the admin name and “M!cR0$0f+” as password… yeah right 😛

  4. Then we add some rules. This is going to be your connectivity rules.

  5. You now will have a database server with a master database

  6. It is now time to click CREATE to create a new DB. I click Create then type in “adventureworks” as the database name.

  7. You now have an empty database called “adventureworks” up in the cloud. 😉
  8. Now to put some data in it. I will use SQLServer2008R2’s management studio so I can show you some new stuff that you can use to migrate data.
  9. Open up Management studio and use the Fully Qualified DNS Name that Azure gives you as the server and the credentials you entered earlier so you can connect your management studio directly to the azure database that you have. Take note of how I wrote the username.

  10. My management studio is now connected to both my local version of the Adventureworks database and my cloud based database

  11. Then I script out the data and schema from my local copy of adventureworks using Management Studio while taking note of some advanced options

    As you can see, we can now (using R2) script data out to an azure friendly format.

  12. And then I run the script against my azure version of adventureworks
  13. And the database has been created

  14. To double check, I use the browser based azure database manager


And that’s it. A lot of things I did not indicate. This is a quickie blog. :p



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