Customizing some Lightswitch Application items

Just recently, I tried creating a small app using Visual Studio Lightswitch and found a few items I wanted to edit to make the app a bit more presentable. And there is a nice thing I noticed too..

This is how my app currently looks like..

Notice how a lot of the items I highlighted look.. well.. stupid?

Well it’s a good thing that the LightSwitch application that we made, allows us to customize the screen using a.. ahhmm.. “Customize Screen” button.. duh!

And clicking that button, takes the application to a customization mode where we can change headers, labels and other on-screen items.

So I go ahead and click on that, edit my screen and here is what it looks like afterwards.

Notice the difference in the labels?

Now here is a cool thing.. if you edit the form in the Customize Screen mode.. save.. then close the app.. it goes back to your designer right? Now see what hitting Ctrl-Z can do.. nice eh?

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4 Responses to Customizing some Lightswitch Application items

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  2. Beth Massi says:

    Thanks for posting information on Visual Studio LightSwitch, great job!

    Just an FYI if you want all the screens you create to use those labels for your fields you would correct them on the Entity Designer, in your case the Therapist entity. Look at the properties winow and you will see the display label.

    Thanks again!

    • ezlorenzo says:

      wow! THE Beth Massi commenting on my blog!

      Thank you so much! I’ll have that part maybe on the next installment. Am still fiddling around on how to create a demo sharepoint datasource that I can play with 🙂

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