Five Microsoft MVPs, one huge bird sanctuary, a grill, lots of pork..

Okay, so how many Microsoft MVPs do you need to screw on a lightbulb?

The answer of course is none. That would be a hardware problem :p

Unfortunately the same doesn’t apply to building a fire for a barbecue. But this is getting ahead of myself… here is the whole story.

Microsoft MVP for SQL Server Glenn Gamboa and I (MVP for ASP.Net) have been into bird photography for about two years. And we have been inviting our friends into the hobby for almost the same length of time. Another MVP, in the person of Jojo Ayson, didn’t share the same love of the hobby as us and we have been inviting him for the longest time to try it out.

Then the unthinkable happened.. Jojo sent us a message asking to take him birding. WOOHOOO!!! So other MVPs that we had in mind, John De Lizo (who has often asked me to take him birding sometime) and Mike Corpuz, were invited to join. And off we went!

Sunday, February 6th, 2011 at 4am we all found ourselves in a two vehicle convoy to the country’s most famous bird sanctuary at Candaba Wetlands. The air was crisp and cool.. the birds were flying.. we were set for a good time.

Logistics had me bring pork and the charcoal to be used for the grill, john will brought tenderloin, mike will bring seafood, jojo will bring drinks and glenn will bring the grill. Needless to say, I brought enough pork for 5people, john brought tenderloin for 5people, mike brought seafoods for 5people and jojo brought drinks for 5people. All in all, there were five of us and we had food for over twenty people, which we were to grill for lunch.

The morning air was incredibly cool and the breeze did not stop. Fresh air and the scent of the grassfields filled the senses and it was niiiiice!!!!

Then time to setup the barbecue came…

It took us approximately an hour and a half to light up the charcoal using only matches, my lighter and dried leaves. The breeze that I was enjoying during the morning was of no help. The charcoal that I brought was also no real help as it was really small hahaha! Glenn was incredible! Even with me and john messing things up (I added dried leaves that eventually extinguished the first tiny flame and John fanned the flame to death) he was still able to get the barbecue going!

And after almost two hours of struggle, we had our barbecued lunch!!!!

Then we chatted, talked about everything non-tech, talked about the other MVPs who weren’t there and would surely say “why didn’t you bring me!!!!” hahahaha!

Well at any rate.. we shared the day with other fellow MVPs without talking about technology. Nice…


This is Mike..

here are the other three..

and here is the place..

highlights of the day..

1. I think we have mike now hooked into this crazy hobby 🙂

2. I think John De Lizo is also hooked!

3. We were able to make Jojo Ayson laugh!

4. The GRILLED FOOD!!!!!



1. Never leave starting a barbecue to five IT Geeks

2. Tanduay Ice tastes like *&%($ when you drink it with a mint in your mouth. hahahaha!


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