MVPs Unplugged

January 30, 2011.. on a quiet Sunday morning.. three MVPs dropped by my residence to greet my mom a hapy birthday.. and the rest was history.. hahaha!

Glenn Gamboa MVP for SQL Server, John DeLizo MVP for Management Infrastructure, Allan Mangune MVP for ASP.Net and yours truly Edu Lorenzo MVP for spent the day unplugged.. no tech talk.. no technology.. just had some good clean fun.. and lots of food!

We started off by shooting some pool on my billiards table. I could tell right away that these guys have not played for centuries so I took the opportunity to beat one of them on the table hehe.. it turned out that it was Glenn’s turn and I gave him the honor of losing to me.. losing bad. bwahaha!

Then lunch.. the menu:

Crab cooked in coconut milk (locally called gata), a bit spicy.. perfect

Grilled Bangus(Milkfish) stuffed with tomatoes, ginger and onions

Nilagang Baka


Liempo (Grilled pork)

And of course ice cold coca cola.

Lunch was supposed to end at about 1pm but we ended up eating until 3pm.

Then we saw that up in our mangor tree.. there were green mangoes ripe for picking so off we went and had some kids get the mangoes for us 🙂

Green Mango dipped in Bagoong.. green mango straight from the tree, with sap still oozing off the stem. Glenn was gracious enough to show us his knife skills and peeled the mangoes for us. All this while sharing lots of laughs and talking about MVPs who weren’t there. 😀

Then they saw the dartboard and started shooting! This fueled their competitive spirits and took the game to another level.. about 20pesos higher. haha!

John DeLizo quickly bowed out of the game booooooo! But I think he saw the competitive fire in Glenn and Allan’s eyes.. these two were at each other’s neck!

So John and I contented ourselves with slices of Brazo de Mercedes while wathcing Glenn and Allan best each other on the dartboard. Glenn was on the losing end though.

But not to be bested, Glenn took the game to the billiard table!

Allan was still on the winning side of the fence and the intensity was s thick you could attach it to an email. hahah!

We topped off the day at about 6pm with Glenn finally victorious and winning a pot that could make someone faint if I wrote it down here.. hahaha!

All in all it was nice.. having three MVPs as my guest, all of uss unplugged although they could have connected to my wifi anytime. No tech talk, a LOT of trash talk. Can’t wait to do it again.. unplugged, non-tech weekend. 🙂

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