Welcome Drupal 7, a new version with even greater interoperability with the Microsoft platform


The new version of Drupal 7
was released a couple weeks ago, and now that people have finally recovered
from the many Drupal release parties around the world (like in London),
we, at Microsoft, want to formally welcome this new version. From our point of
view, Drupal version 7 marks an important milestone because it includes great
improvements, some of which are the result of efforts from Microsoft and the
Drupal community to bring users greater interoperability and more

Let’s review our
favorite improvements:


It shouldn’t be too surprising that our favorite addition is support
for SQL Server, which we announced last year at DrupalCon when we shipped the community
technology preview (CTP) of the SQL
Server Driver for PHP 2.0 with PDO support
. The new driver was then released
in August
.  Special thanks to Commerce Guys, who actually developed SQL
Server support in Drupal and contributed the code.



What I think is interesting about the SQL Server Driver for
PHP 2.0 is that it enables PHP applications like Drupal 7 to use the PDO
“PHP style” and interoperate smoothly with Microsoft’s SQL Server database. This
reduces the complexity of targeting multiple databases and makes it easier for
PHP developers to take advantage of SQL Server’s
business intelligence & reporting
feature (which is also included in
the free SQL
Server Express edition
), as well as SQL Azure features like exposing OData feeds.


For more on the latest Drupal 7 developments, check out this
with Drupal expert Jim Taylor.

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