Hello Phone :)

Okay, so here is of course the first app I will write on the phone.. “Hello World” on the Windows Phone 7 and you won’t believe how easy it is!

So, fire up the newly installed Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone. Click File-New and..


You have the ever so familiar (if you have been using Visual Studio before) IDE

Name it Hello World and it takes you to really nice environment


Let’s go left to right..

Toolbox – all the tools readily available

then you got a split pane.. on the left is.. er.. a phone! This window immediately shows you what your app will look like once it runs on the phone!

Then the xaml pane. Yes you heard right.. xaml! Windows Phone Development is silverlight, hence xaml based! All your already present programming skills for xaml is all you need.

Then the solution explorer at the extreme right.



And since I can’t wait.. I’ll go ahead and drop a button on the “page” and call it btnHello

And oh, the Properties explorer is pretty nifty. Change the Content property to “Say Hello” and the name to btnSayHello


How to add code? Simple.. double-click the button that you have just added and the IDE takes you to the method that handles the button’s click event.


Looks familiar doesn’t it? Because it is C# yay!

So I slap in the code to pull up a message box and display the text “Hello World”


Couldn’t be simpler. Winking smile

Hit F5 then watch as the emulator fires up then runs the app!


Pretty cool emulator. Now you have a Windows Phone running on your desktop!

“Tap” the Say Hello button and..


The message box appears and even makes a nice sound.


So there we go! Our first “app” for Windows Phone 7!

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