Windows Phone 7 SDK

Alright, I just got me a whiff of the new features of the new Windows Phone 7. They are all awesome! And I can’t wait to develop apps for that phone!

Downloaded my SDK from here: 

And will be trying it out.

Why? hmm.. here’s why:

1. I will be using Silverlight. I already know silverlight! Isn’t that cool? Only a few things to learn and off I go! No need to study an entirely new language. That’s real important for me.

2. I will just slap on the SDK to me already existing installation of Visual Studio. NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD A SEPARATE IDE. hehe.. I already know how to get around the IDE and I don’t need to install and support another one.

3. The SDK comes with an emulator. Of course I want to test my app, but how? I don’t have a windows phone. Well the SDK will come with an emulator and you won’t need to buy a phone to develop apps for it.

4. My app will be deployed to real phones through the Windows Phone Applications Market. How cool is that?! If I want to show my friends what the app looks like on a real phone, “dude, it’s in the app market” Winking smile


Will be giving it a spin later.. stay tuned!

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