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MVC3 Preview 1 is out!!!!

Yes guys its out!!! Woohooo! Download link? Of course! here is the link to it What it has? hmm.. Razor syntax to name one. Better action results, a new property the Dynamic ModelView and more. Advertisements

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Web Farm Framework

Web Farm Framework Features The main features of the Web Farm Framework 2.0 include: One step provisioning of servers added to a farm Platform Provisioning using Web PI Application Provisioning using Web Deploy Policy-based Provisioning Installation of additional platform components … Continue reading

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Capture Picture from WIA using C#

After much searching, I was almost frustrated as there was no simple solution to what I wanted to accomplish. Make a simple C#/.Net/Desktop application that will: 1. Connect to a webcam 2. Show the video being "seen" by the webcam … Continue reading

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Ink and Handwriting Recognition C#

Requirements: 1.       The microsoft tablet SDK, which should include the Microsoft INK DLL 2.       Extract the files and add a reference to the Microsoft.INK dll to your project like so: 3.       Also, add the following controls to your toolbox … Continue reading

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Cast WIA.Imagefile to System.Drawing.Image

Yesterday I made an interface to a flatbed scanner to scan in an image straight to your hard drive using C#. And of course, someone asked, why is there no Preview? As it turns out, straight casting a WIA image … Continue reading

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Accessing a flatbed scanner using C#

Akala ko mahirap to.. di naman pala sus! Ang kailangan mo lang ay magdownload nung WIA tapos iregister sa Machine mo then reference mo sya sa project. tapos.. maglagay ka ng button then ganito ang code using System; using System.Collections.Generic; … Continue reading

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Web Matrix!!!

WebMatrix includes a complete Web development stack that integrates a Web server (IIS Developer Express), database (Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0), programming model (ASP.NET Web pages with Razor syntax), and a tool (WebMatrix Beta) into a seamless experience.  You can … Continue reading

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