Web dev, with no web..

Can this be? Is this possible? The incomprehensible has happened? Has hell frozen over? Just sheer bad luck?

Well, partially yes. As right now, I am functioning as a web developer, with no web access. Is it fair? Is it good? Is it bad? Well, don’t ask me.. I have the ability to see the light, even in the darkest confines of imagination.

First, I want to state, that I am 1,000% thankful that the company I am serving now, has accepted me, someone who has not developed for the past year and a half, as a developer. They trusted my skills.. based on my CV, and I pray not to fail them. But where does the “no web access” fall into place here?

Admittedly, I was apprehensive in taking on the challenge of being a web developer again. As based on MY standards, as a developer, I am an idiot. My standards being, that I have climbed up from being a junior web dev, to dev, to Project Manager, to VP for IT. The last two roles, were the most challenging, but for me.. somewhat less fulfilling. I would be lying if I said I did not even see the Visual Studio IDE for a year and a half. Yes I have seen it, I have tried.. but failed, again, by my standards.

Then this opportunity came, to be immersed once again in code. I took it. I have never been so scared before of the VS-IDE. My self expectations were high, I know the company’s expectations are also high. I don’t want to fail. So, how do I succeed, with no internet access? No research?

This should sound amazing, but this is true, I was able to finish the Data Access Layer.. in 5 days. Not without the pain of trying to remember code that I wrote 2years ago though. But it was fun. The fulfillment was double. Grin was ear to ear.

A friend of mine and fellow Microsoft MVP JR Barrios said it would take me a month.. HAH!!! It’s taking me more. haha! And speaking of friends, my now “online helpline” group of Microsoft MVPs Jonjon Limjap, John Patrick Oliveros, Roman Canlas and Glenn Gamboa has of course helped me a great deal.

I of course will not give all the credit to me and the people. What I believe is the biggest help.. is.. drum roll please… INTELLISENSE.

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