W7 Business Launch

hay.. just got back from doing one of the developer tracks at the Windows7 Business Launch. I had a great time mingling with fellow developers. At first I kinda found it strange, that of all people, an MVP for ASP/ASP.Net would be doing demos in creating DESKTOP apps for W7. hahaha! Well that’s how the boat floats, no one is “just” a web dev, or a desktop dev. Well all wear different hats 😉


For this blog, I will be posting some demo apps that were made using VS2008 and the Windows 7 SDK. These apps will be based on the new features of the W7 operating system. I will list them down now, then covert the list to links one by one as I finish uploading the apps.


1. Windows Explorer

2. Taskbar

3. Ribbon

I think starting of with these are okay. Until I get a multi-touch laptop that I can play with 😉

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2 Responses to W7 Business Launch

  1. Everizza says:

    Hi good morning. I was just thinking if there could be an issue if I developed my windows application under Visual Studio 2003 and be deployed under a Windows 7 environment? During the seminar, you were able to clear some issues for 2005 and 2008 versions but not much on 2003. Also, would it make quite a problem for us to deploy our old applications constructed under VB6 on the said OS? Thanks in advance.

  2. Arnold says:

    Sir … just like to remind you about the materials used in your session … thanks … can you include also the sample codes

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