Visual Studio 10/4

I believe in some lingo, 10/4 or 10-4 stands for some form of affirmation. But for this blog, it means Visual Studio 2010 running on framework 4.0.

Here are my first impressions.

Install was a breeze, almost the same as the previous VS products. Except this time I wasn’t asked for a CD-Key because I installed a beta version.

After install on my simple machine (Compaq CQ40 with an AMD Sempron processor adn 2Gigs of ram) I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it starts up. Then comes the new and revamped IDE. I chose the C# dev environment and this is what the new start page looks like.


Icons look better, look and feel is more relaxed and thank God they did not use the Expresssion studio look and feel :D.

I highly recommend going through this part of the IDE first,


I make it a point that I often go back to the basics. This I have learned through my experience of over complicating things even before I start development. I believe this helps us to go back to the grassroots level and to avoid any confusion during the use. Also, I recommend reading the README file or the RELASE NOTES file to help you get through some of the quirks and save you a lot of time in researching for an answer that is already there.

I tested out VS2010 by creating a new project and there came a few pleasant surprises..


Out of the box, Dynamic Data and ASP.Net MVC projects are already part of the templates. Also, do take note that you can develop plugins or apps for the MS-Office suite, both for Office 2007 and Office 14!!! Very nice….

You will also have these templates at your disposal


Office, Silverlight and Sharepoint projects are also now part of the templates.

I am still to try it out more extensively and do visit my blog again when I take framework 4.0 for a test drive.

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