Butuan Encounter :)

Just got back home from a very nice city down south called Butuan. I gave two talks there at the Northern Mindanao State Institute of Science and Technology (whew! that long name is a mouthful!) one on Windows 7 and another on Azure.

I was invited there by Mr. Yolly Peregrino, the JPCS-Normissist Chapter President for their first ever IT Congress. It was a great pleasure for me to represent Microsoft in the event. Specially when I found out that their school is already involved with Sun’s JEDI program and have recently went Joomla. I applaud the school for requesting for exposure on Microsoft technology this time. It is not often that I see universities have such a balanced view on technology. That atmosphere is something that I have often dreamed of achieving.

It was cool, really cool being there. Me, and the representative from Sun microcomputers and the representative of Open Source development, having meals together and staying in the same hotel, and being present in the same event was a really great time.

On Windows 7, the 500+ audience gave my quite a surprise (I was caught off guard) when I opened my talk with the question “Who has seen Windows 7 in action?” and EVERYBODY RAISED THEIR HANDS! I was taken aback and they all pointed to the screen projecting my slides. I was using Windows 7.. and yes.. everyone there has seen Windows 7 in action 🙂

Another surprise was the incredible reception my talk got. Everyone was so interested and the attention was glued to the screen while I was doing some demos. There were a few interruptions, the time-to-time applause that I got.. 🙂

On Azure, I admit I was hesitant and spent almost the whole night preparing to adjust my presentation to cater to students. But, judging from the questions I got in the Q&A portion, I believe I have tickled their fancy and Azure will get more attention from these students in the near future.

Dinner with the school’s Dean and Senior instructors was a wonderful delight at the start.. then they offered me their dessert.. “Buko Halo” a very sweet and incredibly delicious concoction of crushed ice, Buko strips, gelatin, Ube, Ube Ice Cream, Milk, bananas, beans etc.. served in a Coconut husk! It was HUGE!!!!

Here are some images:

The over 500 capacity audience.. WOW

DSC00078 DSCN2886

this is me.. weird.. delivering Azure


This is me (different Phinug Shirt) receiving an appreciation Plaque


Me sitting in the Sun booth


This WAS the dessert.. before I got my hands on it 🙂


this is how far away from home I was.. (I live along Km 15)



I had a grand time at Butuan and I sincerely hope they invite Microsoft over there again.

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