An Incredible Story

Mom just got home from a trip to SM Mall of Asia or better known as MOA. And she has an incredible story to tell..
While dining at Chowking with my Aunt and one of her friends, a woman slipped and fell right infront of them! The event created a ruckus of course and my Tita Gloria was startled so she went for her bag to grab a drink (she carries water with her). Then my mom noticed that her bag appeared to be missing! After searching high and low, she has confirmed that her bag is indeed missing. So they alerted the security force and a radio call/alert was broadcast.
Then one of the security guards asked her to come with him to their headquarters. They had a woman there in custody who was apprehended for just acting strange. How strange?
Well a plainclothes security agent noticed that the woman had two bags on her and proceeded to follow the woman for a while. Then, as the report said, the woman entered the ladies washroom and exited BUT, with a different set of clothes on and only one bag left. The security officer proceeded to follow the woman while another officer went in the washroom and found the woman’s "other bag".  When the suspicious woman was just about to board a cab, the security officer apprehended her and asked to be able to ask some questions.
When my mom, aunt and her friend went to the security office, they were asked to describe the lost bag and contents. And sure enough, the description matched the one found inside the washroom with the only difference being, the wallet found in the washroom was empty, of course. Imagine that, a bag was lost/stolen in the BIGGEST MALL IN ASIA but was recovered because of their security force!
End of the story is, my mom was able to recover her bag all thanks to the expemplary efforts by the MOA Security force! Mom and Tita offered a reward but the security force refused. There is still much good in this world and it gives me a mushy feeling… I like.
A million thanks to the men and women who make up the MOA Security force! Mabuhay!
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2 Responses to An Incredible Story

  1. Eugene says:

    wow! great job by the security team!

  2. joeycalisay says:

    i am impressed with MOA’s security, this is good news. thanks for sharing!

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