Silverlight on MVC

I have been tinkering with Silverlight for some time now and I have noticed that it would serve a great deal as the UI. And then, I thought, what if, I change modify MVC application to use Silverlight pages as the view. hmmm.. worth a try? I mean it makes sense right?

So off I went, created your out of the box Northwind MVC app. It works okay. Edited it a bit to show the contents of the Products table on start. Then (this is where I think I went wrong) I took the Xap file from a small two-button silverlight application I made and dropped it in the MVC project. Dragged and dropped the xap on the page, added a scriptmanager and ran it.


No errors, no bugs, but.. no result..


Am tinkering with this right now.. will update shortly

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