Cebu TTT with MS and Company

Hey guys, guess what, my plane is delayed by one hour. And what do I do? Syempre mag-blog! haha!

Anyways, I’m here in Mactan International Airport waiting for my plane. Just came from Microsoft Cebu where I gave a TTT (Train The Trainor) gig for Microsoft and the developer community in Cebu as a stand-in for the one and only Risman Adnan (see you soon boss!).

What can I say? hmmm.. let me narrate in pics.

They placed me at Cebu Waterfront.. pretty nice hotel.. (understatement)


The TTT was for Silverlight, WPF and VSTS. Cebuanos are great! the level of their technological expertise is high, comparable to Manila.


Here they are having fun watching the Microbe demo.

DSC_5141 DSC_5142 

And there they are doing there Hands On labs


Here’s one guy testing his Databound WPF exercise..

All in all the TTT I felt was successful. I felt that they couldn’t wait to share what they all learned with their respective companies. They were extremely receptive and I found their welcome truly warm. They were all in awe of how Silverlight and WPF can create the UX that they have previously only dreamed of.

Then of course I did some running around. They have this great place in Ayala Center Cebu called "The Terraces"

DSC_5187 DSC_5191

DSC_5192 DSC_5193

then I met this guy who is out of this world.. I think he made a wrong left turn somewhere and got lost, didn’t quite get to where he wanted to go and ended up in Cebu..


Anyways.. that’s it for this blog entry. I’ll be fixing up the other entries for my most recent msdn event and the upcoming one.


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