The Winning Edge

Just got home from a major event for Microsoft Philippines. The event was dubbed "The Winning Edge" and showcased all major microsoft products.

One of the products (technology) was of course Silverlight; and I was the one given the honor of presenting it to the audience. Ah the audience.. a mixed menagerie of people in the IT world. As part of the things I do whenever I start any speaking engagement, I took a quick scan of the attendees/registration list to get the lay of the land. The list was s veritable who’s who of major companies and local ISV’s .  I even saw some familiar names like John C. Ang <– the guy who taught me C# and Ralphe Gulapa, who now works for Ayalasystems (lagot ka sakin Ralphe!! Di ka nagpakita kanina!)

Rambing on.. beforehand I was informed (or made to believe) that I had a slot for 1 hour and 35 minutes – or so I thought. Little did I know that the slot was just for 45 minutes.

I prepared my slides, and my demo showcasing how a project can be done starting off with Expression Design, then the exported xaml is loaded on to Expression Blend and the data source comes from a .Net application written in C#. I was planning to show off how the three technologies (then add Deep Zoom as a bonus and if I had time) could seamlessly integrate with one another. That was the plan. So slides were shown (all four of them) where I showed how developers seem to be unable to produce an app/site which only looks vaguely the same as the comp. Then I proceeded with the demo. Showed the mock-up (in Expression Design), then showed how to export and to add the xaml in Expression Blend. Then I showed how to bind a listbox to data served by .Net. I also showed the code that generated the data. Then suddenly.. "5minutes" said the warning.. so…

ZOOOOOOM! "And this folks, is the finished product!" 😀 like magic the app was finished. hahaha! Well anyways, I was able to give a glimpse of the integration and the coding. I was able to show the separation of the codes. I was able to show how to deconstruct a scrollbar and replace the buttons with a vector graphic.

All in all.. I think it was a success. But of course, after any speaking/demo/talking engagement, I think I could have done better.

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